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At Messana & Co we tailor the design process to each of our client's unique needs and help turn their dreams into reality and create beautiful places they can call home. 


Where we come from, Where we are going.

Design and construction have been ingrained in the Messana bloodline for generations. It all started with humble beginnings from a small town in Italy to a small construction company in Brooklyn. Messana & Co is reborn decades later with a new mission, to transform spaces that suit our client and their lifestyle. 

Being a family-run business, we truly understand the importance of family and the unique opportunity we have when our clients invite us into their homes. We offer a personalized approach to each of our clients because no two projects are the same. At the end of the project, we know this is a space somebody will be calling their 'home', and we keep that in our minds throughout the entire design process. 

We are real people, designing for real life.

Meet Paige Messana

Paige is a graduate of Endicott College's notable design programs holding both her BFA and MFA in Interior Architecture.  From an early age, she has been passionate about design and improving the built environment to create approachable, relaxed interiors built for living. Residing on the North Fork of Long Island, New York and having had the opportunity to travel, Paige has gained a unique appreciation for design and place and how important that is in the human experience. She believes that design should tell a story and not be limited to decoration but rather something that is woven into the architecture of a space.  She enjoys exploring innovative designs and tailoring unique solutions for each project she is involved with.

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