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Color Consultation

So, you're overwhelmed by paint samples and decision fatigue, every color you like in the store looks terrible in your lighting or doesn't look remotely close to what it looked like in that inspiration image you have? 

We can help! Check out what hiring us looks like and how a color consultation can take the stress out of your home project. 

Contact Us

Contact us to book your color consultation! Once we book some time together I can get to know the goals of your project better

Send Photos.

I need to know what your space looks like, following speaking to each other send photos along of your space if you are unable to have me come by in-person. 

The Consultation.

On average, you will recieve a package that is anywhere between 3 and 10 pages long (dependent on the scale of your project). Your personalized consultation includes recommended paint colors (and why I recommend them!) as well as sampling and paint finish recommendations. 

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