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Full Service Virtual Interior Design

Our virtual interior design services are the perfect solution for those seeking to transform their space from the comfort and convenience of their home or office.


At Messana & Co Interior Design, we specialize in residential design perfectly tailored to any budget. We strive to create an exciting and memorable experience for clients anywhere in the country at our boutique firm. The Messana & Co team has perfected the remote interior design process to deliver a stress-free, effortless, and enjoyable experience to our clients and their families.

How it Works:

  • The Messana & Co team will assess your design needs via video and phone calls

  • You send us dimensions plans (nothing fancy here!) and pictures so that we can get an accurate understanding of your space

  • We develop our design mood boards and recommended space planning

  • As a standard-- we provide space planning, mood boards, and1 rendering per space included in our design scoop.  Please note that there is always flexibility to tailor this process to your needs. 

  • There you have it! The end result is a top-notch interior design service regardless of your location


If you are ready to explore more about our remote design services to elevate your interior, connect with us today! Whether you are in the pre-planning stages or are ready to jump into your project tomorrow we are happy to discuss your project's potential! 

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