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How To: Create A Holiday Tablescape

It is officially the Holidays!

Creating the perfect holiday tablescape shouldn't be intimidating, create a memorable environment for your loved ones by following these simple tips!

Post your unique tablescape and be sure to tag us with the hashtag #MerryMessanaCo if you use any of these tips this holiday season.

A touch of nostalgia

While I always recommend sticking to a color scheme, you should not feel tied to the conventional holiday colors of red and green.

Years ago people decorated their homes for the holidays using what they had on hand. Like cinnamon sticks, sprigs of evergreens, and dehydrated orange slices.

Get creative with it! I love the addition of the natural woven placemats at each table setting with a sprig of green and that pop of orange. It feels classic, warm, and welcoming--isn't that what the holidays are all about?

Keep Centerpieces Low

One of the things I look forward to most around the holidays is being surrounded by my loved ones. When sitting at the dinner table your centerpieces should not inhibit conversation.

Not sure if your centerpiece is too tall? Place your elbow on the table and extend your arm upright, perpendicular to the tabletop. Your centerpiece should reach no higher than the top of your fist.

lush Seasonal Blooms

I am a sucker for a good bouquet of flowers--and know that I am not the only one!

When creating my holiday tablescapes I make sure to include lots of lush blooms. During the colder months, this feels particularly special, since the trees have lost their leaves and many plants are no longer in bloom. Adding lush florals adds some beautiful color and natural texture.

Not hosting? It may seem obvious but bringing a floral arrangement to a holiday celebration is a lovely way to thank your host for their hospitality.

Decorate Place Settings

If you spend the time creating a beautiful tablescape make sure that you bring those same details onto each place setting.

Whether with napkins or napkin rings, a place card, or something else fun. Little details can pull in the look and feel of the rest of the table.

I love the look of this place setting, for a more

casual look nix the name card and just place the bell and sprig of evergreen on a cloth napkin.

Make it Shine

Whatever holiday it is you are decorating for, add shimmer to your table for an eye-catching tablescape design.

Though you may be decorating for the holidays-- your tablescape does not need to be so obvious.

Use intricate details and glittering metallics—like hand-etched gold dinnerware and cut crystal glassware to elevate your table!

I hope that this post helps you to build a beautifully unique tablescape for your loved ones and you to enjoy! Remember to post your unique tablescape and be sure to tag us with the hashtag #MerryMessanaCo if you use any of these tips this holiday season.


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