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North fork living: 1890's bathroom refresh

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Hi there!

In this week’s post, we are changing gears and I am going to talk about how I am refreshing my parent’s 1890’s farmhouse on a budget. This half bathroom is going to be refreshed for under $100 dollars and will feel like a completely different space when I am done. So, I am sure at this point you are wondering what I am doing, lets get into it.

Concept Palette

We will be making only cosmetic changes, meaning the current blue square wall tiles, white floor tiles, and vanity will remain. I’ve also chosen to keep the sconces because they are pretty simple and really don’t need replacing, instead, I will update them with new globe replacements and a spray-painted finish to get rid of the current shiny gold finish--I know this sounds funky but it will look great when I am done.

A few years back my mom took the liberty of applying a peel and stick wallpaper to this half bath, and over the years it hasn’t lasted the test of time (and doesn’t match very well either). Her idea of the peel and stick wallpaper wasn’t bad though, and I am going to be reapplying a better quality peel and stick that will also suit the space a bit better! After looking through some options, we settled on a more watercolored look, this felt a bit softer than some of the bold prints. Once we settled on the look, I did my research and came across this one from Scott Living at Lowes, which happened to be a great budget-friendly option. It's not too busy of a print and fits the farmhouse vibe in a fresh way.

Storage is rather minimal and this bathroom serves some of the bedrooms upstairs, so there are some toiletries housed in this space meaning the current over-toilet storage cabinet will remain as well.

Now, something I am debating on is painting the ceiling blue to match the wallpaper and wall tile, I am going back and forth on this idea now but I think it could make for a really cool, dramatic little half bath. Check out the renderings below and let me know your thoughts!

As you can tell, this really isn’t a long laundry list of changes but it will really pay off nicely in the end with just a few minor updates--stay tuned for the reveal in next week’s post where I will post everything I used to finish this space.

aQUAMARINE or White?

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