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The home design process can be an overwhelming task for homeowners, we are here to help our clients bring their space to life through a design plan catered to their unique needs and style. Whether you are having trouble deciding upon a color palette, run into a space planning issue, or simply want someone to manage the design process, Messana & Co is happy to guide you to make informed decisions about your space.

Á La Carte Interior Design


Space Planning

Whether you are starting fresh or hoping to reconfigure with existing pieces in a more successful way we are happy to assist! Messana & Co will provide recommendations on how to arrange your space in the best way that serves both you and your lifestyle.

Price Dependent on Room Size


3D Rendering

Having trouble envisioning the ideas you have for your space? Our photorealistic 3D renderings can take the guesswork out of your plans. Get a real idea of how your space will look and feel with a 3D rendering. 

Starting at $50 

*Price dependent on room type and scope


Project Management

We will provide on-site visits during construction and provide assistance during installations to ensure that your project runs smoothly. 

Price Dependent on Scope


Mood Boards

Often overlooked, mood boards are a great tool in any design project. Think of them as your design road map that keeps you focused on the look you are hoping to achieve in the end. We are happy to send three unique mood boards to act as a design directive for your space. 

Starting at $100 per room 

*includes 3 distinct mood boards per room


Furniture Sourcing

Let us take the hours of scrolling on furniture and decor sites off your hands. We offer recommendations and specifications tailored to and based on your personal style and unique space.

Hourly fee $50 

This project was very daunting, but your steady advice and guidance kept us on track to create a beautiful space for our family. 

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