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How to: Enhance your Entryway

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Hi there! Today let’s talk entryways.

The entry to your home is the first space guests encounter when they visit your home and the last space you see when you leave your home, this makes them so important. There are so many details that can enhance the experience of your space for you and your guests that you may not even consider. These details will not only make these spaces feel more intentional but hopefully, serve you and your home better as well.

I have found that many entryways end up becoming catch-all spaces for things left behind while you are running out the door or just a collection of items you have brought in that have never found a way to their final destination. If your entryway tends to be a space in your home that collects a lot of the clutter consider adding an entry cabinet with closed storage to store keys, outerwear, and any other little items that you tend to need when you are running out the door that may not always make it back to where they belong. We are real people, and (unfortunately) our homes are not looking magazine ready during our day-to-day life, so adding a piece to house those loose items you set down as soon as you walk in the door will help cut down on the clutter and make your home feel a bit more organized.

To finish the look, add a table lamp, wall art, and vase or a mirror with two sconces. The great thing about a mirror is that it not only looks nice, but it is super functional when you are walking out the door, and (a bonus) it will reflect more light in your space making your entry feel bigger. What is most important is that your entry feels like you and works for you. Another storage-friendly option is the addition of a console table with wall art, an accent chair, and a table light.

A trend that has been popular for a while now is the addition of benches in the entry of homes, and for good reason! If you are the kind of person to kick-off-your-shoes the moment you get home, an entry bench with accent baskets can help create an organized entry. Before going out and purchasing, look at the rest of your home and decide what style of bench works best in your space. Also, consider how many random pairs of shoes are found floating around your entry on any given day and purchase a basket sized accordingly to toss those in and declutter your space.

This next tip is definitely better suited for a bigger entry but is an eye-catcher if you have space. Though, not as storage-friendly, the addition of a round entry table can be a really dramatic and beautiful addition to your entry. Add a tall vase with greenery to add texture and height to space. For those of us seeking storage, this isn’t the *best* option--but if you are looking for a piece to ground your entryway--this is it.

These tips will help make your entry feel well-designed, intentional, and hopefully serve a greater purpose to you!

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